Foot Care

Did you know Foot Care gives early detection
of possible future illness.

Island lake people in wellness together

"People come at the late stages when they should have had foot care a long time ago."

Foot Care is promoted to prevent foot amputations and foot ulcers that have a vast impact on the health care system.

This happens with Diabetes complications, micro and vascular complications. Because diabetes is on the rise, it is very prevalent in our communities. Due to these complications people were losing limbs and having ulcers.

Lisa Demas, CFNHM, RN,BN
Foot Care Regional Coordinator
Chad Guilbert
Foot Care Nurse

Footcare is for all community members of all ages.

Foot Care

The Foot Care Program is an outreach program designed to make services more accessible for our community members within the Four Communities.

A Periodic Foot Care Checkup Can Save You From An Amputated Leg or Foot

Purpose of Foot Care

  • To reduce complications/diabetic amputations and address issues and needs for children to older adults through education and services
  • The team provides holistic footcare services and provides referrals to specialists when needed
  • Target audience: all community members with a multitude of issues/reach out to high-risk individuals
  • Team provides assessment and tracking for amputations, diabetes, age, referrals (from/whom), number of clients, etc.

What do Foot Care Nurses Do?

We do basic foot care assessments, teaching, skin and nail care and we do referrals to service providers such as Podiatrists.
We can do referrals to foot ware like Canadian Footwear and they also can refer to other programs like Home Care for dressing changes.

How you can access foot care in your own community?

The program has a team of two that work in the four communities, the Personal Care Home (PCH) and the other community programs (Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI)/Health and Community Care (HCC) as well as in the urban footcare clinics.

We are really pushing for foot care for anybody, young or old. We are seeing diabetes rates in our young children so we are really pushing for the Foot Care Nurses to educate the young, starting at a young age. Having them go to the schools just because we are seeing diabetes rates go up.

We have workshops  with ADI workers, the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative workers,  to bring in clients.

Home Care is another program we work with just because they have the elderly, they have mobility issues so hopefully our Foot Care Nurses can get into their homes and provide a foot care service to them.

Urban Foot Care Clinics

We regularly conduct Urban Foot Care Clinics for Island Lake Members
Experiencing Foot Pain?
Thickened Nails?
or Want to get them cleaned up?
This is the event for you!!!

Check Events for the next Foot Care Clinic at 1880 Ellice Ave., Winnipeg. MB


Contact Chad Guilbert, RN
Foot Care Nurse
Phone: 204-947-2397

We'd Love To See You

What happens in a typical foot care case

Client arrives

The Foot Care Nurse would do a basic assessment from the leg down. Have a thorough look between the toes. Make an assessment of what that client may need whether it stems from just dry skin to ingrown toe nails, fungal nails.


They would just make that judgement. Look at their shoes. They will have a look at the way they walk and the structure of the footing, the foot. They would also do either referrals, whether that client would need some kind of ointment or medication.

Regular Checkups

So that is the normal recommendation especially if you are diabetic, to see the foot care nurse on a regular basis. Just to alleviate some of the foot care problems that could arise if you are diabetic or have high blood pressure or any other chronic illness.

I am the Provider.

lisa Demas

Foot Care Regional Coordinator

I provide the education to my Foot Care Nurses. I stay on top of what is necessary for them to pursue their job and make their job more relevant. It is very important that they get that education and they have the supplies that are needed because they are not readily available. They are not in the Northern Store.

So, it is very important that I get supplies shipped up there in a timely manner.

I do site visits to make sure the Nurses all have their credentials, their license. I do monitoring and evaluations. They also have documents that they have to send in on a timely manner and it is has to be proficient and detailed because that is what we are sending to Health Canada. Data collection is very important.

I am overseeing the Foot Care Nurses.

I also do public health. I have a lot of background in Home Care and Public Health. I am a jack of all trades. I do immunizations, I do needles. I have done it all in the last 10 years. I do Foot Care daily in Winnipeg.

It is a demanding job.

Lisa Demas, CFNHM, RN

Our Foot Care Team

Lisa Demas, CFNHM, RN

Foot Care Regional Coordinator

Phone: 204-947-2397 Ext. 121 

Chad Guilbert

Foot Care Nurse

Phone: 204-947-2397