Mamow Anishininew Minoyawin

"Island Lake People in Wellness Together"

Health Care For The Island Lake Community

“As a regional organization created by the Island Lake Anishininew Nations, we work cooperatively with community health services to improve health outcomes for the Island Lake membership”

Bridging The Health Gap

Speed to Health Care is essential


Speed to Health Care is essential

Reach Out To Us


Providing timely and appropriate crisis response to the communities. 

Reach Out To Us

Public Health

Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative; Pre-Natal Support

No Child Uncared

Jordan's Principle

No Child Uncared For. 

Bringing Healing & Wellness


“Using the gifts of caring, laughter and tears for the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of all”.

Contact us, we are here to help!

Home and Community Care

For members who have acute, chronic, palliative, respite or after life health care needs

Foot Care Prevents Physical Immobility

Foot Care

Did you know Foot Care gives early detection of possible future illness?

We Don't Judge. We Help

Harm Reduction

We Don’t judge, we Help!

Prevention of Tooth Decay


Children’s Oral Health Initiative. Prevention is better than abstraction. 

Kimeechiminan means "Our Food"

Food Security

Indigenous food sovereignty is a timely and important response to food insecurity.


MMATICCA – Addiction is not a crime. Addiction is a health issue.

Human Resources

Weaving Our Cultural Values In HR and Our Workplace.


The glue that keeps everything together. 

Career Opportunities

Four Arrows is like a second family to us. 

Peetabun Retreat Center

Facility for Our Ancestral Teachings to our People in our Ancestral Way


Increasing access and quality of pharmacy and supportive healthcare services to Island Lake Members


Building culturally appropriate health systems and structures

Health Innovation

Bringing Health Innovation to Anisininew Nations

Meet The FARHA Team

Meet The FARHA Team

Community Partnerships