Public Health

Public Health is a large program that provides health services such as education, maintenance and education to the public

Grace McDougall, RN, CFNHM

Director Of Community Health

Vivian Omarr, RN,BN

Diabetes Regional Coordinator

Reah Flett

Nursing Administrative Assistant

Leah Flett

Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative Worker (ADI) – St. Theresa Point

Message from the Program Staff

History Of Four Arrows Public Health

Four Arrows Regional Health Authority’s Public Health Programs were officially announced October 1, 2001 with the transfer of programs to the Four Arrows RHA. These Public Health programs were previously under the direction of the First Nations & Inuit Health Branch.

With this transfer, came Public Health nursing services that oversees these areas. Public Health is a large program that provides health services such as education, maintenance and education to the public.

The Public Health nurses work along with the treatment nurses at the Nursing Station to ensure that the care in the community is properly provided in all areas.

The Public Health programs are divided into different areas:

Communicable Disease Control

Education and prevention of communicable diseases.


This program was designed to prevent diseases such as influenza or serious childhood diseases in the community through immunizations offered by public health nurses in public health offices of the nursing stations.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) and HIV Services

Health promotion and prevention activities to prevent or decrease the incidence of STI.’s and HIV in the community.

T.B. and Other Communicable Diseases

T.B. is gradually increasing again in the communities. When T.B or other conditions are diagnosed, education and actions are followed to prevent the spread of the disease.

Healthy Mom & Baby

Pre-conceptual care
Providing education to the child-bearing age female on reproductive health, safe sex practices, and general information on good self-care.

Prenatal Care
Ensuring the prenatal clients are getting the proper care, proper nutrition. The Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP) is where the prenatal mom can go to learn and receive proper diet counselling. They also have other fun learning activities for the participants. Each community has a CPNP worker. Please call your Health Authority to get more information on the CPNP program in your community.

Postpartum follow-up and support
Coming home from the hospital with a new baby may be a stressful time. A postnatal visit from a public health nurse helps relieve some of the anxiety. The Public Health nurse also provides availability for questions that may be asked. Also reminding that the baby is getting the proper care and doctors visits.


Many First Nations people have diabetes and the numbers are rising. There is a Diabetes Working Group in each of the Island Lake communities to provide education and awareness on prevention, better self-care, activities and maintaining or improving ways of living. For more information, call your local health authority.

Provides education and activities on nutrition, maintain and/or improving nutritional intake and decreasing the usage of fat and oil during cooking.

Healthy Schools & Healthy Children

Providing services and health education to schools. Promoting health by holding workshops or activities of various health issues, ie: sexual health, safe sex practices, proper hygiene, playing safe, dental care, etc. This includes communicable disease education and immunizations.

Healthy Environments

To promote a safe environment for the community where people live, play and work. Water safety for safe drinking.

Injury Prevention

To provide services and activities to educate to reduce injuries in the community. Eg, water safety, road safety, playing safe, etc.

Tobacco Reduction

To decrease and eliminate smoking and to create awareness of the health risks as a result of smoking. To decrease exposure to smoke. Example, smokers to smoke outside if there are children in the home.

For more information call the Public Health Nurse in your community.


Grace McDougall R.N. –

Director Of Community Health

Vivian Omarr R.N., B.N. –
Diabetes Regional Coordinator

Phone: 204-947-2397
Fax: 204-982-3359

Reah Flett – Nursing Administrative Assistant


Other Phone Numbers:

Health Links: 1-888-315-9257 for questions on health concerns.

24 hour Breastfeeding hotline: 1-204-477-3433 (long distance charges may apply)