Community Health

Grace McDougall, RN, CFNHM

Director Of Community Health

Our Community Health Programs

Vivianne Omarr, RN,BN Regional Diabetes Coordinator

Public Health

Four Arrows Regional Health Authority’s Public Health Programs were officially announced October 1, 2001 with the transfer of programs to the Four Arrows RHA. These Public Health programs were previously under the direction of the First Nations & Inuit Health Branch.

With this transfer, came Public Health nursing services that oversees these areas. Public Health is a large program that provides health services such as education, maintenance and education to the public.

The Public Health nurses work along with the treatment nurses at the Nursing Station to ensure that the care in the community is properly provided in all areas.

Harm Reduction

“Harm Reduction is a perspective that focuses on reducing the adverse health, social, and economic consequences of psychoactive drug use, and its Principles can be equally applied to other stigmatized and/or criminalized practices and behaviours related to substance use and sex.”

We are bringing awareness to the community members that harm can be reduced when education and practical tools are given and practiced. 

From left is Rachel Harper, HCA, Harm Reduction Worker and Sharon Flett Monias, RN, Harm Reduction Nurse
Lisa Demas, RN, Regional Foot Care Coordinator

Foot Care

Foot care is a program developed just recently in the past year. It was developed to get Foot Care within the Island Lake region.

It was promoted to prevent foot amputations and foot ulcers that have a vast impact on the health care system. This happens with Diabetes complications, micro and vascular complications. Because diabetes is on the rise, it is very prevalent in our communities. Due to these complications people were losing limbs and having ulcers.

We contract foot care nurses and we have one live-in Foot Care Nurse, Carla Flett in St. Theresa Point, that lives in the community, full time.

Home and Community Care

The Four Arrows Home and Community Care Program is a coordinated system of services that enables Island Lake people of all ages with disabilities, chronic or acute illnesses to receive needed care in their homes and communities.

Michelle Greenslade, RN, Home and Community Care Regional Coordinator
Jordan's Principle's Amanda McPherson, Vicki Monias and Christine Wood at Four Arrows Office in Winnipeg, MB

Jordan's Principle

Jordan’s Principle in Four Arrows Regional Health Authority Inc. is a voluntary program that provides additional support services to on and off reserve children and youth ages 0-18. Additional support services will also be provided to the parents and siblings.

Childrens Oral Health Initiative

The Children’s Oral Health Initiative (COHI) is a government funded service-based program designed to ensure First Nations and eligible Inuit children ages 0-7 have access to preventive oral health care and activities while living on reserve.

LIndsey Harik, Tribal Dental Hygienist