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Currently providing services to 1,100+ children in Island Lake Communities

Jordan's Principle helps bridge the gap in services

"The Team is ensuring the treatment of Jordan is never repeated in our Island Lake communities"

Jordan’s Principle in Four Arrows Regional Health Authority Inc. is a voluntary program that provides additional support services to on and off reserve children and youth ages 0-18. Additional support services will also be provided to the parents and siblings.

Rochelle Creasy - Jordan’s Principle Regional Coordinator
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What is Jordan's Principle

Jordan’s Principle ensures that First Nations children can access the supports they need, when they need them. Supports are provided on the basis of substantive equality, best interests of the child, culturally relevant service provision, and account for distinct community circumstances. When services are requested, the government first contact pays for the service and can resolve any jurisdiction or payment disputes later.


The Process & Goals


Who is Eligible

All First Nations children (18 and under) who live on and off reserve. A referral to Jordan's Principle can be made for a single child or a group of children.


What is covered

All public services and supports. If a First Nations child you know has any unmet service or support needs, they can refer to Jordan's Principle.



• Provide additional support needs and resources
• Support and connect the child and family to needed services
• Promote Anishininew culture and language within program activities
• Elders Supported Advisory Group
• Coordinate and assist the child(ren) and their families Holistically.

Island Lake Jordan's Principle Teams



FARHA provides Jordan's Principle Services to children from the Island Lake Anisininew Nations (STP, GH, Wass and RSL) living off-reserve; Winnipeg and surrounding areas.


The Four Anisininew Nations Jordan's Principle

Each Community has a Jordan's Principle Team providing on reserve support to the children residing in the community.

Legacy of Jordan River Anderson

Jordan was born in 1999 with multiple disabilities and stayed in the hospital from birth.

When he was 2 years old, doctors said he could move to a special home for his medical needs. However, the federal and provincial governments could not agree on who should pay for his home-based care. Jordan stayed in the hospital until he passed away at the age of 5.

In 2007, the House of Commons passed Jordan’s Principle in memory of Jordan. It was a commitment that First Nations children would get the products, services and supports they need, when they need them. Payments would be worked out later.

Today, Jordan’s Principle is a legal obligation, which means it has no end date. While programs and initiatives to support it may only exist for short periods of time, Jordan’s Principle will always be there. Jordan’s Principle will support First Nations children for generations to come.

How we can help you

Journey of Hope Project - July 2020 St. Theresa's Point


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FARHA provides Jordan’s Principle Services to children from the Island Lake Anisininew Nations (STP, GH, Wass and RSL) living off-reserve; Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

We have a growing Team to keep up with the demand which is increasing.

Rochelle Creasy BSW

Jordan’s Principle Regional Coordinator

How to Contact Rochelle Creasy:

Phone: 204-947-2397 Ext. 125


Jordan’s Principle Regional Case Manager

Christine Wood, LPN

Jordan’s Principle Urban Case Manager

How to Contact Christine Wood:

Phone: 204-947-2397 ext.118


Beneatha Monias

Jordan’s Principle Urban Case Manager

Danielle Dnistransky

Jordan’s Principle Urban Case Manager

Candace Champagne

Jordan’s Principle Urban Case Manager

Clyde Harper, BA

Jordan’s Principle Intake Case Worker

Hazel Harper

Jordan’s Principle Wellness Capacity Facilitator – St. Theresa Point


Jordan’s Principle Recreation Worker

Elise Johnston

Jordan’s Principle Family Support Worker

Lindsey Lisowski

Jordan’s Principle Family Support Worker Aide

Brent McDougall

Jordan’s Principle Administrative Assistant