Regional Programs Department

"Wellness, good health, wellbeing for the Island lake People whether they are in Island Lake or Winnipeg."

Andy Wood, CFNHM

Regional Programs Director

Message from the Director

"These are very exciting times for our region and particularly for our health program services and delivery."

There is a long history, dating back to 2003/4 on the collaboration and partnership between the two regional health organizations, Four Arrows Regional Health Authority and Neewin Health Care.  The purpose for the formation of two regional programs was, initially to address specific program areas with the eventual goal of integration and establishment into one regional organization to govern and oversee management of the integrated health services.

Most recently, the Island Lake Anishininew Nations have become accustomed to my work with Neewin Health Care Inc., as the director overseeing the work and development for the Island Lake Regional Primary Health Care Centre.  There have now been major developments within the Island Lake region, brought about by several factors, including the “pull-out from the MKO organization” but more importantly the move for the region to govern itself and be responsible for its own programs and services, in other words, to be independent and sovereign.  

As of April 1, 2019, Neewin Health care Inc., as a separate entity, has now been reclassified as a Regional Program, under Four Arrows Regional Health Authority Inc., with the following responsibilities: the establishment of a Regional Primary Health Care facility, to continue, oversight for the Island Lake Interim Renal Center, and to develop an urban support system for Island Lake Anishininew residents travelling and relocating to Winnipeg for urban health and medical support services.

"Please be patient but vigilant as these new programs and services will not be successful with out your support, input and participation."

Andy Wood, B.A., CFNHG

In addition to these programs, the Regional Programs maintains under its directorship the following existing programs; 1)  Neewin Renal Program – O&M- Securities,  2)  Community Wellness (BFI/NAYSPS), 3)  Kimeechiminan (Our Food) – Food Security /Regional, 4)  Kimeechiminan (Our Food) – Food Security/ Provincial,  5)  Special Projects- Ookwin Study and Aki Foods.

Four Arrows Regional Programs is also actively pursuing the transfer of the Island Lake Anishininew Mental Health Strategy, which will include, the Island Lake Mental Health Therapy program and the Island Lake Mental Health Crisis Management and Response Teams.

These are very exciting times for our region and particularly for our health program services and delivery. There are other initiatives, programs and services, currently being developed and which will come to fruition within the upcoming year.  Please be patient but vigilant as these new programs and services will not be successful with out your support, input and participation.   And always remember the wise words from our elders and which have now become our vision: Mamow Anishininew Minoyawin.

How To Contact Andy Wood

Phone:  1-204-947-2397 Ext.  115


Our Regional Programs

Renal Health & Regional Programs Are Building The Future

Renal Health and Regional Programs are responsible for researching and putting together information about building a primary Health Care center in Island Lake. Also, oversight of the Island Lake Regional Renal Program in Garden Hill. And very importantly, maintaining and trying to develop services here in the city for people who have had to relocate because of health and medical problems – dialysis and other chronic problems.

Island Lake Communities
St. Theresa Point

The purpose of the Four Arrows Healing & Wellness Program is to help front line staff and community members recognize and apply their talents and wisdom to the challenging work of bringing healing and wellness into community life.

My endeavor is to reflect the goals of the Island Lake Communities to improve the physical, mental and social well-being of children, youth and adults.  The approach is holistic and integrated because it builds on the theme of partnerships and identifies solutions for at-risk Community members and recognizes that these needs should not be separated from those of the family and community..

Kimeechiminan Food Security

Kimeechiminan means “Our Food”

“If food is not your medicine then medicine will be your food”…J.R.D. Tata

What Is Food Security

At the most basic level, food security refers to the ability of an individual or household to access nutritious food. At the 1996 World Food Summit, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations defined food security as:

“All people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy lifestyle.”

Byron Beardy and Karen Flett of Kimeechiminan Food Security discussing their programs

The Crisis Response Team consists of 2 co-leads and trained health professionals who are available to provide appropriate and timely response in a major crisis or to deal with vicarious trauma for front line workers (security/medical drivers/safety officers/first line workers) in response to current crisis or to cumulative affects of trauma over time.