Health Innovation

Bringing Health Innovation to Anisininew Nations

Island lake people in wellness together

Dr. Sharaz joined the team as an advisor to assist FARHA to explore innovation, business and technological leading toward the improvement of health services.

  • Finding innovative ways that we do services.
  • Primarily my role is to facilitate and identify and develop with the Team innovative Health Systems.
  • It comes down to engagement with external stakeholders and FARHA Group.
  • What we find is when you get technology in the community everything else will open up nicely whether it is healthcare, education, schools. You name it, it is just going to flourish.
Sharaz Khan PhD
Health Innovations Advisor

Some Of Our Current


Short Term Broadband solutions

We wanted to provide some level of technology the last couple of years. It is a short term solution whether it is a school, homes or health care.

Short term solutions to get broadband into the community.

Indigenous led approach to Mobile Technology

Working with the University of Manitoba with Dr. Steven MacLean on their Research Projects, Our Data Indigenous – Indigenous led approach to Mobile Technology.

We work with Data Sovereignty with respect to surveys from the community and then implement programs later on based on that survey.

Mobilize Medical Transportation

Working with Medical Transportation to mobilize it.

Work with the Team about the Vendor and internal staff to bridge the two groups together and get the Medical Transpiration running and more importantly is to train internally to be less dependent on the outside and bring those skillsets inside.

Jordan's Principle Records

Working with Jordan’s Principle to get the medical records in Winnipeg and in the next years get them in the community as well.

Winnipeg will be the central hub for Jordan’s Principle and try and support the other areas as well. 

Universal Broadband Fund

Development of the application for Universal Broadband fund and after much lobbying finally got the project approved by the Federal Government.

$63 Million dollars approved. Working with Cross Lake, Nelson House also.

Line will continue from Norway House. 450 km of fibre. $3 Million available in the next few months to get it started and the rest will flow as we meet the milestones next year. Start laying the fibre in the ground in Summer 2025 and take 2-3 years from that starting point.