Meet The FARHA Team

Elvin Flett, CFNHM


Alex McDougall, CFNHM

Executive Director

Laurie Wood Ducharme, CFNHM

Director Of Administration

Grace McDougall, RN, CFNHM

Director of Community Health

Andy Wood, B.A., CFNHM

Director of Regional Programs

Jim Harrold, Ph.D.

Director of Research and Planning

Mary-Jane Monias, CAFM

Director of Finance

Community Health Workers

Home & Community Care Regional Coordinator

Diabetes Regional Coordinator

Foot Care Regional Coordinator

Dental Hygienist (COHI)

Harm Reduction Nurse

Harm Reduction Worker

Jordan’s Principle Regional Coordinator

Jordan’s Principle Regional Case Manager

Jordan’s Principle Urban Case Manager

Foot Care Nurse, St. Theresa Point

Foot Care Nurse, Wasagamack

Foot Care Nurse, Garden Hill

Regional Program Workers

Wellness Regional Manager (Garden Hill)

Kimeechiminan Food Security Program Manager

Manitoba First Nations Food Security Coordinator

National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy Worker (NAYSPS) – Garden Hill

National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy Worker (NAYSPS) – St. Theresa Point

Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative Worker (ADI) – St. Theresa Point

Climate Change and Health Program Coordinator

Jordan’s Principle Wellness Capacity Facilitator

Administration Program Workers

HR Coordinator

Health Services Integrated Fund Project (HSIF) Regional Coordinator

Jordan’s Principle Administrative Assistant

Nursing Administrative Support

Intermediate Accountant

Junior Intermediate Accountant