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Developing Ethical Guidelines for Health Research

in Island Lake Anisininew Nations

"Building culturally appropriate health systems and structures"

“Island Lake people in Wellness together”

Health research in Island Lake Anishininew Nations must adhere to the universal medical credo “FIRST DO NO HARM”.

Dr. Chukwudumebi Onyiuke was retained by the FARHA Health Research and Policy unit for the purposes of developing ethical guidelines for health research conducted in the Island Lake Anisininew Nations region of Manitoba.

Island Lake Anisininew Nations have been open to health research in the region, despite the lack of tangible benefits the overall health and wellbeing of the Anisininew people.

Dr. Onyiuke assisted FARHA to develop policy and principles recommended for research conduct in the Anisininew Nations region.

Dr. Onyiuke

A three-pronged approach to Health Research


Respect & Honour

Researchers and their work will respect and honour the meritorious heritage of the past Indigenous health practices.


Safeguard, Protect and Preserve

Research outcomes will safeguard, protect and preserve the present.


Positive, Impactful Legacy

Researchers’ study outcomes should instruct policies and legislation that implement their findings in a way that provides for and leaves a positively impactful legacy of health and wellness for the future.

Anishininew Nations-DRIVEN

Guiding Principles

The ethical conduct of research in the region will contribute to the body of evidence important for building culturally appropriate health systems and structures.

Health research must aim to influence positive policies and health laws that are of meaningful benefit to the research partnership. Research should be useful and pertinent to the health needs of the region.

Health researchers must deploy their study endeavours as a tool for the wellbeing of the Anisininewuk.

Anishininew Nations-DRIVEN

Guidelines for Ethical conduct of Health Research in Island Lake Anisininew Nations, Manitoba

Dedicated health research has been mobilized worldwide for the benefit of global public health.

This policy summarises the responsibilities, duties, and expectations for health research in the four Island Lake Anisininew Nations of Manitoba.


Strength Is In Taking Care of Each Other