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"Four Arrows is like a second family to us"

Raquel Koenig, B.A.

HR Coordinator

New Employee Orientations

With our shift from a consultative and advocacy role to more of a service provider for Health Services our Four Arrows Team has been growing.

Our Approach

We want our new employees to feel welcome in their new work environment. 

Orientation with new employees is very quick with the Western approach. I am finding with a lot of our new staff that  one big goal for me in my own work plan is how we could better our orientation with our new employees. It is providing more peer support too.

Incorporating our culture more, who our communities are, sitting more with Elders in the office who know those values in the communities. Spend some time with them so they understand those values before they go out to the communities. Understanding the leadership structures in our communities, even with smudging’s and offering tobacco. Starting things off our way in an open, honest relationship. Those are things I would really try to incorporate.

I look forward to welcoming our new staff!

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How To Contact Raquel Koenig, Human Resources Coordinator

Phone: 204-947-2397 Ext.111