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Weaving Our Values In HR and Our Workplace

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"Our goal is to make our organization very healthy and strong.

It is about working together, helping and supporting one another and a workplace that really reflects our values.”

Raquel Koenig, B.A.
HR Manager
Cheryl Lagorio
HR Coordinator
Chillion Flett
HR Assistant

My Goals for Human Resources

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The staff find that Four Arrows is their second family.

My Goals for Human Resources

Of course I want a healthy work environment, a safe environment for us and our communities too but HR is a pretty new field in a lot of First Nation organizations. It is an exciting time because I can integrate a lot of our indigenous and Anishininew values to our HR practices. That’s my vision and goal for the organization so it fits more of our community’s values in our HR practices.

I think the big thing is we have been using western models. I am researching if there are indigenous models and contacting other tribal councils to see what models they use. Everything we do is in a western model, but what did we do before?

To me HR is about building relationship, trust.

I look where it is different and where the western policies don’t work. My background is I am part Ojibwe and Anishinaabe and the trauma I think affects us much more than a western group. I understand our history very well. I took an advanced degree in Native studies at University of Manitoba.

Understanding the history is very important in our environment where 80% of us are Indigenous. You have to understand the history and trauma we face.

Before HR I worked with Byron Beardy in community development and Food Security for 10+ years. I have been with Four Arrows seven years now but prior to that I worked for another not for profit and I worked for a lot of the fly in communities in Manitoba. I have always been involved in community development work. It is my passion.

New Employee Orientations

Orientation with new employees is very quick with the Western approach and I am finding with a lot of our new staff that  one big goal for me in my own work plan is how we could better our orientation with our new employees. It is providing more peer support too. Incorporating our culture more, who our communities are, sitting more with Elders in the office who know those values in the communities. Spend some time with them so they understand those values before they go out to the communities. Understanding the leadership structures in our communities, even with smudging’s and offering tobacco. Starting things off our way in an open, honest relationship. Those are things I would really try to incorporate.

....Raquel Koenig, HR Manager

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Duties & Responsibilites

Human Resource Responsibilities

  • Assessment, planning, and participation in HR activities
  • Contributing to the development of HR goals, objectives, and systems
  • Developing and administering Human Resources plans, HR policies and procedures
  • Supports staff in recruitment efforts for personnel; job descriptions, job postings, placing ads, developing interview questions, organizing interviews and writing offers of employment
  • Employee relations support
  • Monitors the FARHA’s Benefits program
  • Conducting salary reviews to ensure FARHA salaries are in line with similar organizations
  • In consultation with the finance department, developing, analyzing, and updating the FARHA salary budget
  • Assist supervisors to ensure annual performance evaluation plans are conducted for all employees
  • Ensures copies of the evaluations are documented and kept on file
  • Ensures all required documents related to staff are on the personnel file
  • Ensures security and storage of Personnel files, locked cabinets and office
  • Developing, revising, and recommending personnel policies and procedures
  • Provides reports to the Executive Director as required for Board and funders
  • Bringing violations of FARHA policies to the attention of Management
  • Participating in administrative staff meetings
  • Maintaining company directory and other organizational charts
  • In collaboration with staff and management develop a yearly HR training plan for FARHA staff.

Quality improvement coordinator

  • Support FARHA to move operations, processes and communication systems to more efficient electronic systems.
  • Supports staff to maintain a Continuous Quality Improvement Focus.
  • Provide direction to FARHA staff and management to ensure Accreditation standards are met or exceeded.
  • Collaborate with FARHA staff and Senior Management to address Quality Improvement issues, Client Service Delivery, Incident and Risk Management.
  • Record, Communicate and disseminate Policy, Procedures, Guidelines or Quality Improvement actions as needed
  • Maintain, access and recommend change existing systems as required
  • Provide Policy and procedure recommendation to Senior Management
  • Structure and prioritize systems requirements and communicate plans to staff and Management for review and approval
  • Work with Health and Safety Committee on Risk Management and Emergency Response Planning for FARHA
  • Provide reports to the Executive Director as required for Board and funders
  • Conduct training sessions and workshops for staff and management on Quality Improvement, Incident and Risk Management systems and processes
  • Develop Audits, conducts reviews and collects compliance evidence as required.

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Raquel Koenig, B.A.

HR Manager

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Cheryl Lagorio

HR Coordinator

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Chillion Flett

HR Assistant

Phone: 204-947-2397