Pilot Project


Manitoba Mobile Team To Increase Community Capacity and Access

Addiction is not a crime

Addiction is a health issue

  • No one develops addiction by choice.
  • Many people use drugs to cope with pain or trauma.
  • They all deserve care.
  • Recovery is possible.

The Manitoba Mobile Team to Increase Community Capacity and Access (MATICCA) is:


18-month pilot project

funded by Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program (SUAP)


Administered by FARHA

the Four Arrows Regional Health Authority (FARHA) in partnership with RAAM Hub, Ongomiizwin Health Services, Amdocs and the Manitoba Harm Reduction Network.


Visit Remote Communities

The pilot will mobilize and evaluate an addiction medicine team to visit remote Indigenous communities with the goal of increasing availability of addiction treatment in remote areas of Manitoba.

Addiction Does Not Discriminate; It Is Not A Choice

Our Approach

Our approach is one that focuses on working with people without judgement or discrimination


Encouraging an anti-stigma dialogue that meets people where they are at.

Our Mothers and Fathers

Because no matter where that is, or what substance they use, these people, who are our brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers, are still people.

In the Spirit of Community Capacity Building and Community Partnerships

the team is introducing the pilot project:

  • To community organizations, programs and services.
  • Awareness and partnerships of mutually beneficial services with stakeholders in the community will increase self-reliance and quality of life for families and community.

We are currently operating in the community of St. Theresa’s Point and God’s Lake Narrows, with plans to expand to additional communities in the next few weeks.

The Team Provides

  • Addiction medicine consultation with community members impacted by drugs or alcohol
  • Work with local staff and health care providers to increase their knowledge and ability to treat substance use within the community
  • Work with the community members to deliver education and harm reduction teaching

Our Services include...

  • Opioid Agonist Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Contingency Management
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Education and Workshops

Our Team includes...

  • Addiction Physicians
  • Peer Harm Reduction Worker
  • Regional Counsellor
  • Medical Administrator
  • Regional Addiction Nurse

Contact Information

Macky Layco

Peer Support Harm Reduction:
(T) 204-805-7560
(E) mlayco@fourarrowsrha.org

Lisa Currier

Regional Counseling:
(T) 204-805-7546
(E) lcurrier@fourarrowsrha.org

Danielle Harper

Medical Administration:
(T) 204-805-7542
(E) dharper@fourarrowsrha.org

Ryley Siscoe

Regional Addiction Nurse:
(T) 204-805-7559
(E) rsiscoe@fourarrowsrha.org