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“Helping the Island Lake communities use the gifts of caring, laughter and tears for the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of all.”

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Director Of Finance

Message from the Director of Finance

Purpose of the Wellness Program

The purpose of the Four Arrows Healing & Wellness Program is to help front line staff and community members recognize and apply their talents and wisdom to the challenging work of bringing healing and wellness into community life.

My endeavor is to reflect the goals of the Island Lake Communities to improve the physical, mental and social well-being of children, youth and adults.  The approach is holistic and integrated because it builds on the theme of partnerships and identifies solutions for at-risk Community members and recognizes that these needs should not be separated from those of the family and community.

Activities The Wellness Program Carries out in Our Communities

  • Develop and plan community wellness strategies in cooperation with leadership, health authorities and other organizations promoting health and wellness;
  • Coordinate community, family and youth wellness events;
  • Act as a community resource person to external agencies on issues related to the BHC and BF programs;
  • Assist in the development, implementation and support of parent and youth councils;
  • Coordinate and plan networking with other service providers in the Island Lake region and well as in the province;
  • Assist in any suicide prevention, post-intervention and intervention activities;
  • Work with community front-line workers to facilitate ongoing professional development activities;
  • Assist the Communities to identify the goals and objectives of the Brighter Futures and Building Healthy Communities initiatives and develop effective strategies and activities that will meet or exceed the established goals and objectives;
  • Support mental health counselling and support to individuals, families and groups in the communities;
  • Coordinate with Community workers the provision of workshops, public education and support activities on mental health issues;
  • Coordinate presentations to various groups and organizations in the Communities, including schools and Community presentations;
  • Access or develop promotional materials and information that can be used by community workers;
  • Work with the Communities to develop treatment referral options for Community members with mental health or additions issues;
  • Maintain program statistics so that reporting requirements as outlined in funding agreements are met;
  • Ability to transfer knowledge and skills to Community workers and members;
  • Maintain confidential written records of client interactions;
  • Maintain a resource library of information about addictions, prevention, FASD, mental health and other related topics.

Ethical Responsibilities Of The Program

  • Maintain confidentiality of all staff and client information;
  • Respect and safeguard client rights;
  • Encourage feedback on ways to improve services.